Karnali Academy of Health Sciences(KAHS)

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Bachelor in Midwifery

Bachelor in Midwifery


Bachelor of Midwifery curriculum has been developed as per the policy and plan relating to human resources for health of government of Nepal for improving sexual reproductive maternal and neonatal and child health based on the changing development needs.

Bachelor in Midwifery curriculum is based on international confederation of midwife (ICM) global standard for midwifery education and Nepal Nursing Council 2016 Minimum requirement of Bachelor in Midwifery program

Objectives of the Bachelor in Midwifery Program

Upon completion of the Bachelor in Midwifery program the graduate will be able to:

  • Provide care for women and childbearing families with respect for cultural diversity and also work to eliminate harmful practices within those same cultures.
  • Use up-to-date, evidence-based professional knowledge to maintain competence in safe midwifery practices in all environments and cultures.
  • Act as effective role models of health promotion for women throughout their life cycle, for families and for other health professionals.
  • Promote and advocate for non-intervention in normal childbirth.
  • Provide women with appropriate information and advice in a way that promotes participation and enhances informed decision-making.
  • Offer respectful, anticipatory and flexible care, which encompasses the needs of the woman, her newborn, family and community.
  • Empower women to assume responsibility for their health and for the health of their families.
  • practice in collaboration and consultation with other health professionals to serve the needs of the woman, her newborn, family and community

Seats Available:10

  1. Full scholarship: 20% (2)
  2. Partial scholarship: 20% (2)
  3. Collaborative scholarship: 20% (2)
  4. Full Tuition Fee: 40% (3+1=4)

          (Staff seat -1)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate must be a Nepali citizen.
  • Candidate who had completed PCL Nursing with one year of experience in different setting
  • Candidate must have passed the entrance examination
  • Admission should be on the basis of merit list of the entrance examination
  • Registered in Nepal Nursing Council

Structure of the examination

The entrance examination comprises of multiple choice questions in following subjects

The entrance examination will be three hours’ duration and will have one paper consisting of 150 objective type questions. The question paper will be in English. The distribution of mark will be as follows:

Subjects                                                           Marks

Anatomy and physiology/Integrated sciences  20

Midwifery                                                        50

Medical/ Surgical Nursing                                15

Fundamentals of Nursing                                 20

Child health Nursing                                        15

Mental health Nursing/ Behavioral science      10

Community Health Nursing                             10

Leadership and Management                           10       

Total                                                                 150

The general standard of entrance examination will be that of the PCL Nursing.

Duration of Course:

The course of studies leading to Bachelor in Midwifery degree of Karnali Academy of Health Sciences shall last for a minimum of 3 academic years including internship. The maximum limit of the study period of this course will not be more than 6 years from the date of admission.