Raise funds for the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences, Jumla

KAHS is the only health institute in Nepal which is established to take care the constitutionally defined "backward region" of Nepal. If we exclude the health data from rest of the country, this region has the poorest health indicators in the world. For KAHS to effectively improve access to health care in backward areas of Nepal, we need help in the field of research, academics and service. There is a particularly urgent need for startup funds for construction of hospital building and equipment, academic complex, laboratories, research and a library.

If you have experience with fundraising, please try to secure funding for KAHS. Your efforts will contribute to providing lifesaving medical care to countless impoverished people in the backward region of Nepal who currently do not have access qualified health personnel. Please contact or directly to the KAHS executives, so that we can discuss fundraising possibilities with you.